Never a dull moment...

My Object Desktop subscription should be up to date but I'm not seeing anything when I fire up Object Desktop Manager.

Can anyone help or point me in the right direction?



on Mar 24, 2015

Log out then log back in again.

on Mar 24, 2015

Refreshing ODM by logging off & back on indeed works.  However, based on comments from Neil Banfield in another thread, you may be wise to go straight to the Stardock Store/My Account page and download any updated installers you want to use from there, then install using the .exe's rather than updating using ODM.  That has the advantage of 'archiving' your apps (by saving the installers) which enables continued use of your apps should your OD subscription ever lapse for any reason.  One caveat - I'm not sure the installers are available for download to those with an Object Desktop Infinite (monthly) subscription.  They are for sure with a traditional annual subscription.

on Mar 24, 2015

ODM has been as flakey as Grannies biscuits since day one. Avoid it like a bad case of the clap. Go to your account page at for all info and downloads.

on Mar 25, 2015

Cheers for the replies everyone, I shall heed the advice and stick to downloading individual programs / components from the store for now.

Thanks once again, much appreciated!